Free text on an invoice line

There is a way to place free text on a line of an invoice, whether it is purchases or sales.

Yes, you can use the “description” tab.

In my invoice template, I’m using genshi code like this:

<if test="line.product.description">
<if test="line.description">
<for each="description in line.description.split('\n')">

Works for me, HTH.


If the description field of the line is filled, it will be displayed on the invoice print.
Now there is also a note field for internal use which is not printed but see Remove comment and note fields (#13144) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab on how it may evolve.

I’m not referring to the description of the invoice itself.
If not, the possibility of being able to write on a line of the invoice, such as this sequence:

Ref.: PC John

  • My items 1
  • My articles 2

Ref.: PC Mary

  • My articles 1
  • My articles 2

See a draft invoice from my system.
I added a description on the second line.
The description is: “This is the description”

I believe Cedric’s reply to be the solution you are looking for.

What Cedric stated is the description of each invoice line.

PS: I have a slightly modified invoice template, but it should work the same on the standard template.

The only thing that happens is that when giving you the description on the line, I necessarily have to specify 3 more pieces of information: what is the quantity, price and account.

The idea that I was saying is that it was simply a plain text without more. It is something that has no price or quantity.

Ok, I’ve done it.

When you go to create a new line, you say in the Type field: “comment” and that’s it. This line only shows the text, without any amount or information.

This is what I wanted.

Thanks for the help.

Indeed the type of line comment can do that.

But this makes me also think about the Product Kit Module which may help you.

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Thanks CED.

It’s a good utility that I was also looking for.

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