Form view change at loading


I do not know that it is normal or my setup problem. When at Tryton got many module at the same form view (for example: form for create party), the form view change atleast 3-4 times before it is ready to be use.
I know that it is cause about the loading of every diferent module that making the same form view adding diferent component.

Could we add some fix like put a “loading” before it is ready? Or put the final view at the cache or at the tryton-sao.js/tryton-sao.css?

This issue make user thinks that the software is not good-done.

I do not think this is realted to the fact of module inheritance but to the fact that the view definition is fetched first and then the related data is loaded.

After the first load, all the data is cached so this loading efect is gone and the loading of the view is inmediate.

Do you experience the same behaviour?

We already show a loading text for long processes.

This is already the case. The view is cached both at server side but also at client side.

You are sure, I have the cache inability that cause the view to reload every time. :rofl:

Still, even with the cache, we simply improved the render time from maybe 5 seconds to 1 second aprox., for each new element (element viewed got render time acceptable).

Do some one know if the cache works for every element or there are some improve way?

1 second sounds like a lot. I tested with the public demo and first load takes 1-2 seconds and the second load time is inapreciable.

What do you refer as new element? The cache works for the full view definition, so moving in each tab of the view makes no diference.

Well, I could preciate the same slow (for my exigence) than public demo.

I mean, the list of item, like party, every new party that i click in, the view reach slower than click in a party that i before clicked once, at the public demo i can feel the same.