Form relate or tab in Party to show Product Customer


On Variant we have a tab where we can see which customers are associated with the product, but there is no easy way to see which variants a party is associated with from the Parties window.

For example a customer may call, I look the customer up in party, and the customer says that he wants the same product as usual. Now I can look at previous orders from the form_relate, or I can go into the Products/Customers and look up the customer.
I find the Products/Customers look up cleaner and more correct.

What I currently do

I have a custom module which I have called infocustomer extending party which has a tab also showing the customer’s product. This is just like we have a tab on Variants showing customers.

What I propose for sale_product_customer

I think the way to create the least amount of bloat is to include a form_relate to the products the party is associated with on the party window.
Alternatively I can also add the tab.

Please do get back with feedback if you think this should be in sale_product_customer, if it should be a form_relate or if it should be a tab.

We prefer using form relates instead of tabs on the form. Relates provide filters but also are more performant in case of a big set of records.

Indeed product customer does not store the previous orders but just products that customers has a different name or code. So your workflow sounds strange to me.

Having said that, I think we should consider also the purchase case: A link from suppliers to its products supplier records.

For me it is strange to suppose directly that the customer has a specific product for him.
Indeed I think the proper workflow is to search on product. So maybe we should include in the search_rec_name of product (and template) the search of customer and supplier products. But I think this search should be limited to a contextual party (which would be set on sale and purchase line).
Once we have that, I guess what is missing is a relate from the party to open the “Sales > Products” view with the party prefilled.

Indeed, but only if it is helping a considerable number of people do their job faster.

From my understanding the feature I am proposing is not directly useful to @ced, @pokoli or any recent customers.

I need study/experiment with this :slight_smile:

You are right, it makes more sense to open Sales > Products rather than Product > Variants.