Force signature?


can I somehow force the “discuss” page to always display the “about me” in my profile ? -

So often, I get answers which are far beyond my abilities. I think it would compact the process if people at least had a short glimpse on my “about me”, where I clearly state that I’m an absolute beginner and a “user-only”, who cannot make use of solutions designed for programmers.


I do not know if it is possible but I do not think it should be done.
It will not help other reading the thread to have repeating sentences. I do not think neither that it will change the answers because people tries to answer for everyone (not only to the author). So if the problem requires more knowledge to be solved, it is any way good to have the proper answer (for you and for others).

I don’t remember the setting but can’t people customize what goes behind their nickname on discuss?
Like you have “Cédric Krier Leader”, @herrdeh could have “Wolf A non-programmer beginner ;)”

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Yesss! - Really simple, I should have thought about this on my own!
Let’s see whether it works.

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