Flask tryton example

Hello I am looking for an example of flask tryton, basically I am looking how to connect to the database and add the initial configuration, also I want to know the encryption of the password to make the login using, flask_login.

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at the flask_tryton readme, there is a sample app that work.

Yes I did, but I dont see where I put the route to the database and how de-encrypt the password on the res_user table for the login.

Ive add this to the connection of the database:
app.config[‘TRYTON_DATABASE’] = ‘dbname’

You must set TRYTON_CONFIG to point to your trytond configuration.

I do not really understand what route you are talking. But the database to which flask-tryton connect is defined in the configuration TRYTON_DATABASE.

It is impossible because the passwords are not encrypted but hashed.
flask-tryton goals are not to create standard client but website using data from Tryton like an e-commerce. If you need user authentication, I would suggest you to use the web_user module.

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Thanks, I’ll do it as you tell me.
But for the authentication, I can work directly with out the authentication?

My goal is to add restaurants module to the system, but as I am looking for that type of company the SAO client and the desktop client are too complicated, so I was thinking on doing a webapplication so the manager can handle the bussiness, and use tryton as backend.
I’ll need a authentication for that but I can’t find a manual for the web_user that’s why I was looking to make the authentication module by myself, is there any manual for use of the web_user?

I think you want to look at UserApplication. Basically, it permits to declare customs routes (a specialized REST api for example) and manage authentification (routes are accessible with api-key, tryton will manage the mapping key->tryton user).

This way you could create a specific interface which use the customized routes.

In standard module, there is timesheet module which expose specialized api to browser extension chronos.

I can’t found it now, but I recall about some mobile application to help with stock move in warehouse: a specialized interface to expose only specific tasks in tryton.

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