Flask_tryton download a report

I’ve wondering if it’s possible to download a report using flask_tryton, In case not, I’m guessing I should start reading about how to use the JSON-RPC or XML-RPC.

A good start point should be see sao source code? or where should I start? Thanks in advance.

Yes, it is possible you should use something like:

from flask import Flask, send_file
from flask_tryton import Tryton 

app = Flask(__name__)              
tryton = Tryton(app)   

def render_report(records):                                              
    Report = tryton.pool.get('your.report.name', type='report')                    
    ext, content, _, name = Report.execute([r.id for r in records], {})                                
    return send_file(                                                          
        attachment_filename='%s.%s' % (name, ext))                             

Hope it helps!


Worked like a charm!,
Thanks as always @pokoli.

Just to complement:
your.report.name: I found it on client under Administration - User interface - Actions - Informs - (desired report) and it’s the internal name.

the records parameter it’s coming from pool , so if I want to download a party report I had to:

Party = tryton.pool.get(‘party.party’)
records = Party.search([(‘id’,’=’,‘45’)]) in case I need only 45 party id report.


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