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Probably stupid question but from a new user/novice… what is the username and initial password to use?
At the time of the db setup, I provided the following information:

“admin” email for “tryton”: m******
“admin” password for “tryton”:
“admin” password confirmation:

I am sure of my passwords, they are stored in a safe and I use copy/paste … my password is composed of all characters (figures, Uppercase, Lowercase, Special characters, …), length: 15

Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t find anything in the documentation on this subject or maybe…

Thank you for your help,

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The user name is “admin” and the password is the one you typed at the database initialization.

If for some reason your password is not right, you can still change it with the option --password of trytond-admin.

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The “admin” was the missing part … it’s working !
Thank you, much appreciated !

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