Financial/Configuration/Taxes/Taxes // possibly tree but list view?


Financial/Configuration/Taxes/Taxes are shown just as a list, to view the children one has to “open” each line.


To have a tree view, same as: Financial/Configuration/Templates/TaxesTemplates

For me a tree view for taxes does not make a lot of sense because in real life taxes are not tree structure. It is the Tryton design that artificially creates such structure.
So for me it is more the template view that should be changed to a simple list: Issue 11433: Remove tree view for tax template - Tryton issue tracker

I/we do actually use taxes with “children” - to me this (concept) makes sense. Do I get you right, when I imply, that you propose not to use the “children”-feature? If so, I do understand your reply (and have myself to overdo my tax-handling).

No, I do not want to display a tree view but just a list because children taxes has no reality outside the parent.