File tryton.conf for Tryton 4 and for Tryton 5

In Tryton 4 the file tryton.conf contained such parameters as maximize and save_width_height.
Have these parameters been saved in Tryton 5? (We are using Desktop Client for Windows.)

No they do not exist anymore because of the migration to GtkApplication.

Where can we find a description of all the parameters?

No where, it is not a file to edit because it is generated by the application.

It’s a pity. These parameters were user friendly enough.

I disagree. I’ve copied a whole 5.0 or 5.2 directory over to several other pc’s without overwritten by the client. So once you have a tryton.conf you can modify it. For example to get Thunderbird working with attachments you have to set the parameter.

You can look into the where several defaults are set. No idea if there are more parameters.

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I also modified the parameters profile, login, lang, …

OK. Thanks.

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