Features for dashboard module


I was wondering if the dashboard module can be configured to have custom icon size, it will be usefull for users that are migrating from traditional windows apps. I was thinking something like a mobile dashboard. If this is possible with current dashboard module I would like to know how to do it.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure to understand. But content in the client is always adapting its size to the window size.

This is the tradicional tryton screen when login, and if you have custom actions these will appear too (dashboard included).

Will be a nice to have icons like Elementy OS (for example) with custom icons to principal actions (Parties, Products, Banks, Sales, etc) like in a “tradicional” desktop enviroment. The same could work whe the windows size is adapted.

IMHO it would be a nice feature to have the option to add custom logo (maybe in the installation).

Let me know if I was more clear these time.

This proposal may answer your request: Include dashboard in base module

Yes, these is exactly the answer of my request.

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