Failure when testing the payment term in payment_term_test_form

When I test a payment term to simulate it, it generates this error.

  File "/trytond/", line 109, in dispatch_request
    return endpoint(request, **request.view_args)
  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 43, in rpc
    return methods.get(request.rpc_method, _dispatch)(
  File "/trytond/", line 75, in wrapper
    return func(request, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 197, in wrapper
    return func(request, pool, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 201, in _dispatch
    result = rpc.result(meth(inst, *c_args, **c_kwargs))
  File "/trytond/model/fields/", line 203, in wrapper
    setattr(self, fieldname, value)
  File "/trytond/model/fields/", line 303, in __set__
    records = instanciate_values(Target, value, **extra)
  File "/trytond/model/fields/", line 176, in instanciate_values
    return tuple(instance(x) for x in (value or []))
  File "/trytond/model/fields/", line 176, in <genexpr>
    return tuple(instance(x) for x in (value or []))
  File "/trytond/model/fields/", line 175, in instance
    return Target(data, **extra, **kwargs)
  File "/trytond/model/", line 278, in __init__
    id = int(id)
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'add'``

No modifications were made to the module. Thank you very much.
tryton 7.0

I understand that the issue was addressed in a Tryton update. I’m using Trytond 7.0.6, and in the payment term test, it fails, but in the tax test, it doesn’t fail and works correctly, as mentioned in the solution.
Thank you

Thanks to that Gitlab, I was able to modify the standard module to fix the issue. Thank you very much. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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