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Hi again mates :slight_smile:

Recently I created some custom modules (Tryton/Odoo) and probably some more in a future :stuck_out_tongue:

And I wonder if, just as it can be done in Odoo, we could have from “core” an export of the fields to translate in English Language (in PO file) to be able to use translation services that exist.

All this comes because one of my passions is Data Science and Machine learning and i have a Notebook (Google Colab) to automatically translate PO files into another languages ​​using “Neural Machine Translation”.

I want to share this one with community but i need to know if there is that possibility to extract English PO Base File. If not i think that I could create a little “module” to this job from client.


There is in a set of wizard in Administration menu to export PO file: Translation — trytond latest documentation
Also https://translate.tryton.org/ allows to download the standard PO file (updated from development branch every month).

Actually im using 5.2 but when i download “Spanish” from this wizard only download a PO file with existing translations. But if I have some module update I can view only on Translate view (PIC)

I cannot export all string without translatation

You have to run all the documented wizards in the order of the documentation.

You have to export the English version.

Indeed it is not possible to export english as it does not accept translations (it is our source language).

But after running the documented wizards, exporting a language will contain all the empty strings to be translated.

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Indeed we do it on our tools: tryton-tools: e6d18cba6765 export_weblate.py
I guess the simple way is to mark English as translatable (but we should probably improve the wizard to allow selecting English).

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This tools do the job i desired. I want to share with us the little repo to use Neural Machine translation :slight_smile:

I hope it will be useful and thanks again for help!

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