Export more than 1000 rows via the client (Export Data)

This is a noob question: How can I export more than 1000 records via the tryton client at once?

I installed trytond_country and also imported the zip codes for FR, GB, DE.
I created a country search (for FR, GB, DE) and switched to the related ZIP which showed the first 1000 records of the 95K records.

How can I (a user) export all these 95K records via the ‘Export Data’ tool? Or is the export limited to the maximal row settings of the client?

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You can increase the rows client limit in the application menu (the Tryton icon on top-left corner).
But I do not recommend you to increase it for getting the 95K records at once due to performance issues.

I feared to hear that answer! But it is how it is…

Thanks for the quick response!

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I think we should someway support this kind of export as there should be no issues to browse such amount of records on server side.

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Indeed except on very low memory hardware (client or server side), this should work if the user waits few seconds.

Exports should work as passthrough - no representation needed in the client - it makes sense to only render 1000 or so rows. But as I can see… only the selected rows will be exported. If only 1000 rows (or as set in preferences) can be selected in the client, it won’t be possible to export more. Except you add checkbox or something that says: Export all found records (instead of selected). I don’t know tryton well enough to know how to “solve” this issue.
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As @sergyo said, you can adapt the limit to your need case by case.

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I agree and…

…this sounds good…

That makes sense to me and many users in our projects request an option in this way.

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+1. It is an often requested feature.

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This can be done on the ir.action.act_window with the limit field.

For the record: in Issue 9090: Add export CSV route - Tryton issue tracker I added an option to ignore the search limit when doing an export.

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