Execute BaBI report on click

And I have another question. If I want the report to excute at the moment (on click), but without expanding the menu and click on Refresh Information, and finally click on the Report Menu to open it. Is there any way? I’m doing it by a false boolean with no funtion on the filter as a Dynamic Parameter. I think is not the best way but it works.

Not sure I fully understand but if I understand you correctly that is the behaviour of the client. When you click on the menu entry, it executes it but it also expands its children. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Basically I want BaBI to be executed on the moment (as when a dynamic filter is used). Now I have to program an execution (normally at night) and that works well when you are asking for some long time information (sales from the last ten years for example). But sometimes I need the info updated at this moment (unpaid invoices for example). In this case I have to Expand Menu, double click on Update Info, Accept, (process), Accept, Unexpand Menu (if you want), double click on menu and just there I have the updated Information. Maybe there is a way to do this just when you double click the menu (similar than when you use a Dynamic Filter). Its not a big issue but its very useful for the users just double clicking and having the updated info. If not you have to be very careful about the time of the execution.
Cheers and congratulations again!

I see.

There’s currently no way to avoid that…

Ok, thanks for you time. I will continue using a false boolean on a dynamic filter. It is easier for the users than the other option. They use thoose reports every day to have the info updated.