Excise duties on alcohol, tobacco and energy included in cost of product

Excise duties are indirect taxes on the sale or use of specific products, such as alcohol, tobacco and energy.
The management of these taxes could be an interesting feature as it affects all EU countries.

The excise tax must increase the cost of the product when it is moved from an internal location where is allowed to stock item without excise taxes, to other internal location where excise duties are required.

This feature requires improvements in:

  • Product cost
  • Reporting for tax forms

The main problem is that internal movements have no cost.

Has anybody already thought or work in a feature like this?

I’m courious how this taxes are paid. Could you share some info about it?

Is this someway similar to the landing cost of products (but taking just taxes)?

These taxes must be paid for the manufacturer (or the importer) before selling the goods.
These goods are produced (or imported) in a ‘tax free’ location and the company has to pay the tax to move it to a ‘standard’ location for selling. In this payment is when the tax strip is applied.


The amount of the tax depends on the product and the country. For example, in alcohol it can be calculated by total volume or alcohol volume

It’s quite similar but in this case the company calculate their own declaration for excise duties. There is no supplier invoice.

For me it should not rely on storage location but on warehouse. Like that a cost price can be computed per warehouse using product_cost_warehouse.

for a next-to-come project, I do get the requirement for specific duty-free stocks.
Is it what excise tax is about ?

I have a little experience in the management of excise duties on alcohol. If your warehouse has been declared to customs, it is duty suspended, that is to say that you do not pay the excise if the recipient stock is also duty suspended. The tax is due if the receiving stock is not entitled to suspended duty. Once a month you must make a declaration recapitulating the volumes that have entered and taken out of your stock destined for warehouses with or without suspended duty.

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So the excise declaration should probably apply cost like the landed cost.