ERROR trytond.config could not load

I install a trytond 6.8.2, I run “trytond -c /home/tryton_akademy/trytond.conf”, them I get the follwing message ERROR trytond.config could not load, the server run as normal, but in the tryton client I can’t acess the database

Here my trytond.conf
uri = postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/
path = /home/csdev/tryton_akademy

Can you post the entire contents of your trytond.conf file?

uri = postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432
path = /home/csdev/tryton_akademy

language = pt

That’s all

language is not a section in the config but an option under database. See Configuration file for Tryton — trytond latest documentation

Just remove [language] and it should be good.

I remove the language bus the error persist, I think there is a problem with my installation, in the version 6.6.6 works fine, thanks for help

I suspect that the user starting trytond has no read access to the configuration file.

I try run with different user, the trytond.conf is loading fine, and the server works as normal.

Thank’s for help

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