Error on document convert to pdf

Dear Tryton Coders

After deploy Tryton ( 5.0 ) using UWSGI with supervisor, i started to getting a error on pdf convert. It was working ok when I was using systemctl for running trytond as service

After reviewing sentry events, I could find

soffice --headless --nolockcheck --nodefault --norestore --convert-to pdf --outdir /tmp/trytond_6algamzj /tmp/trytond_6algamzj/account.invoice.odt
fail to convert account.invoice to pdf

And on uwsgi_error_log

Error: source file could not be loaded to convert account.invoice to pdf

I was trying to pick the /tmp diretory for that error but, when I tryting to catch the file, I noticed that the odt file is being created on something like


instead of


as the error says. I was looking the way on finding where it is happeneing but, I couldnt find how to fix it

Please any suggest in order to fix it

I do not think it is related. In the old 5.0 series the template is first written in a temp file to be parsed.

Usually it is a resource problem. This has been partially mitigated by Issue 9175: Add try-loop on report convert with soffice - Tryton issue tracker. But it is good to check if the process has enough resources (especially memory) to launch soffice.