Error: New Sequences

Dear community.

My issue started while trying to create new Patient Appointment Sequences.

the following message popup when I hit Save.

You try to bypass an access rule. (Document type: ir.sequence)

I was searching about this issue and it turns that two things to carryout before trying to create Sequences

Can you check if you have these 2 things configured:

  1. You have created a Company and that company is set as the company of current Tryton User. (If you are doing this now, make sure you restart the tryton client after doing that.)
  2. All required Access Permissions are given to the current Tryton User.


Then I made sure that the user I am using is from the same company that I am trying to create new Sequences for, and also assigned to the administration group which has the access to Sequences.

I found how to solve this.

You you want to add new Sequences you must select Sequence Code

After Making sure that the user that you are using is from the same company that you are trying to create the Sequences for, then you must go to [Sequences Types]
the add the user group that your user is belonging to the Sequences Type you are welling to use to create new Sequences for.

Good luck everyone.