Error : import chardet ImportError: No module named chardet

Can you help me anyone about this error

Thanks in advance

You are mising the chardet dependency. It can be installed with:

pip install chardet

Or by using the packages of your distribution.

Thank you very much

but doesnt work :frowning:

Can you tell more, how are you installing and running tryton? Maybe you need to use pip3?

If I need to tell the truth I would like to set up gnuhealth.
I think I did.I can see the database, tryton opening.
I enter my username and password ,then I get this error.I’m new to tryton and python.
trying to learn by watching videos

This is video link
I’m making a mistake at some point in the video.
I think after the command line ln-si
I would be glad if you help.

The video does not show that you have to install the chardet module so I don’t think it’s a good start.
And it does some quite stupid stuffs.

I recommend that you use the packages of your distribution, follow the official documentation of GNU Health rather than following a video posted by god knows who.

Thank you for your valuable comments.

I m beginner for python.

so I’m studying lesson all the watching videos and reading them.

Bu i cant :disappointed:

You can not do what?

i don’t know what to do.
İ dont know how should I follow a path?

I am sorry if this comes out as harsh but I think that you should first start to learn to use your distribution, get used to the concepts of software packages, etc.

Once it is done, you will be able to install the gnu health packages that are available for your distribution.

i guess tryton should start learning
i think I will always ask for help :slight_smile:

Hope you succeeded in the installation , if you have questions kindly ask

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Really i cant this

But i will set up.

What do you mean you cant this ?
As you setup any issues you get just ask …

I had the same error using ‘python -x /etc…’ but then I tried it with python3 and the application worked fine, no errors. ‘python3 -x /etc…’