Error about size of index when setting translation


In version 6.6, after adding some reports when I run ‘Set Translation’ I have the following error message:

Fault: ERREUR:  la taille de la ligne index, 3120, dépasse le maximum, 2712, pour l'index « idx_ir_translation_ea012a27ce068b95c9870200bf2efeaf »
HINT:  Les valeurs plus larges qu'un tiers d'une page de tampon ne peuvent pas être
Utilisez un index sur le hachage MD5 de la valeur ou passez à l'indexation
de la recherche plein texte.

Has anyone ever seen this?

A priori it is one of the two indexes on ir_translation that is using value. Can you provide the definition if the referenced index? Also can you try to drop the index to see if it is the only problem? And which version of PostgreSQL is it?

CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS idx_ir_translation_ea012a27ce068b95c9870200bf2efeaf
    ON public.ir_translation USING btree
    (src COLLATE pg_catalog."default" varchar_pattern_ops ASC NULLS LAST)
    TABLESPACE pg_default;

Yes I tried, and the index was recreated and generated the same error message again.

Postgresql v11.18

Indeed trytond creates a btree index because you did not create pg_tgrm. We were not aware of this limitation of btree for large content. But indeed it is tided to the shared_buffers so you can increase it if you want to keep the btree index. Otherwise just create the pg_tgrm extension.

Now it will be better if Tryton definition of indexes could define Similarity but not for use in btree: Option to prevent create btree index for Similarity on large text (#11987) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab