Ending Date on Fiscal Years

We have detected the following scenario:

  • We have a fiscal year 2023: With 12 periods, from the 1st to the 31st of each month.

  • The Ending Date of the fiscal year is modified with the value 09/30/2023.

By performing this action, you can continue making account moves with a date after 09/30/2023.

Shouldn’t there be some type of validation so that the Ending Date of the fiscal year cannot be changed as long as the related periods are still open?

Maybe we can just restrict to update fiscalyear start and end date once it have periods defined.

This seems to be too restrictive as it prevent to fix mistakes (or even prevent to adapt).

Indeed I think we should call Period.check_fiscalyear_dates for the periods if the dates of the fiscal year are modified.

And the _check on write of period should allow to modify the dates as long as it does not invalidate any account move linked to the period.

Agreed. Also in some cases one may need to change the end date of the period because it is possible for a company to change their fiscal year period.