Enabling User password change

Good Day All,
I seem to have missed , noticing this , but if a non admin user has forgotten their password, how to make it possible for them to reset their own password from a button on the login form.
Is there such a feature available, which i seem to have missed.
Basically I don’t want the Non admin users to ask the admin all the time for password change request.
They should be able to request a password change via their email id.

Thanks in advance to all.

Indeed the button is only accessible to users with write access to the “User” model.
Maybe there could be improvement to allow user to reset their own password but there are some problems.
The user must be logged to make such RPC call which means it should already know its password.
If we allow anonymous RPC call to reset a user password, this could become a way to deny the service. (Also currently such reset remove the existing password). In such case the mechanism should follow the same protection as in web_user.
If all those concerns can be solved it could be a good improvement Tryton - How to Develop.