Editing transactions in a register (as in Quickbooks)

A lot of Quickbooks users enjoy being able to edit transactions in the register directly, for example, if they don’t remember what a transaction was, they can insert an amount and choose a more generic expense account (does your accountant loath the Misc account?) and go back later and add the name of the supplier or choose a more specific expense account.

I realize this is not best practice and is unsuitable for many businesses.

Nonetheless, does Tryton provide a way to do this, for example, with unposted transactions and while the transactions are unposted, can the editing be as convenient as in Quickbooks?

To emphasize, one of the key reasons this is convenient in Quickbooks is not simply the flexibility, it is also the spreadsheet-like GUI experience working in the register. If Tryton can support this in the data model, then can the GUI also work like Quickbooks registers or could further development take it in that direction?

I don’t know Quickbooks but you can edit in Tryton a move while it is in draft mode.

You can take a look to the Journal-Period view in Tryton. Maybe it fits your needs.

This is an important selling point for many migrations involving smaller businesses, freelancers, etc.

Would anybody be interested in making a short demo video, or just a desktop recording and sharing it?