Easy solution for Tryton on Android

Hi! I was curious if anyone in the community would be interested in a nice mobile solution for Tryton on Android? We have a great platform (userland.tech) which is open source to run Linux applications on Android. This would allow you to utilize the desktop version of your ERP solution on mobile to maximize use of all functionality. Happy to discuss here or by email if interested! alex@userland.tech

Hi Alex,

There is always some interest on having a mobile app for an ERP system. As we now have a webclient that can be used from a mobile phone we found that the main problem of this interface is that there is too much information for the user and this makes complex to use it. Did you have any solution for such problem?

We solved that by having a dedicated mobile apps that are tailored to a single workflow. This way, the users only have the information that they need. We have a youtube video where we explain our motivations and problems and also have some demo of the application. Here is the link in case you are interested: