Duplicate record error on GTK Client

I’m having the same problem as here at the 5.0.37 version of the GTK Client. I had to downgrade until 5.0.28 version to solve it.

It seems related to Issue 10446: Duplicating with GTK-Client stays on the original record - Tryton issue tracker
Could you test that backporting this change fixes the issue for you?

Sergi, I installed 5.0.37 version again and changed the code in this way:

     def load(self, ids, set_cursor=True, modified=False, position=-1):
-        self.tree_states_done.clear()
         self.group.load(ids, modified=modified, position=position)
         if ids and self.current_view.view_type != 'calendar':

     def clear(self):
         self.current_record = None
+        self.tree_states_done.clear()
+        for view in self.views:
+            view.reset()

Now it works! Thank you very much!