Double entry accounting and more accounting features

Hi guys, I’m Chanaka De Silva and I’m from Sri Lanka. (A small island in Indian ocean).
I’m more focused on accounting package of the system. I used the demo version and I have some questions.

  1. Does this support double entry accounting ?
  2. I’m unable to add Banks and Accounts. What is the reason for that ?
  3. Is there any user manual for Tryton?
  4. Where we can use Ledger reports? And also add new incomes and expenses ?

I know this is lot to ask form you guys. If anyone and support me, it would be a great assistance to me.

Thank you.

Yes, tryton accounting model is based on double entry accounting.

You should be from a special group to add bank accounts for the party. Probably your user does not have enought privileges to do so.

All our documentation is avaialble online. See

@pokoli Thank you so much for your support. You are so helpful.
I think Tryton will be the best solution for me.
Apart from the, do you have a getting started guide? Something guide a new user how to start the application? How to add a new bank? A simple getting started guide.

The main reason is there are no Tryton dealers here in Sri Lanka and also I have some software knowledge and I think I an setup this with some guidance.

No, currently we are working on improving our docs. But we are a very active comunity to feel free to ask your doubts on this forum.

There is a list of tryton service providers available on our webiste.

If you are interested on how to create a chart of accounts for your country, you may have a look at this tutorial on how to create your country localization module. If you are missing some other functionalities of your country please open a new thread an we will be happy to discuss how we can implement them.