Donations module / donations receipt

I’m just curious whether someone already worked on some module or concept for managing donations, esp. for „donation receipts“?
Some ideas what such a module could do:

  • recurring and one-time donations by bank collection - eventually with only the bank account number
  • one-time donations by cash transfer - most propably with only the bank account number
  • create a donations receipt statement per fiscal year - based on party of bank account number
  • sending „thank you” mail/letters to donators - eventually only above some limit
  • product „donation“ which customers can add to their shopping basket
  • reports, e.g. by payment type

Are you looking for the Association blueprint ?

Putting this into the „Association” menu tree might make sense. The current „Association Blueprint“ is only about handling members and membership fees. Donations are unrelated to membership and often come from non-members.

Anyhow, good point: depending on the associations (legal. tax) status, membership fees might to into the „donation receipts“, too.

Creating a donation receipt may be just a report linked to an statement line that includes the amount and party detail and any other information.

I do not think we should required to have any other requirements for managin donation reports.

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As the donation is something taht corporation do too, maybe it should be in another menu voice, as @htgoebel suggested. but if you want to put in the Association “namespace” go ahead, i’m not gonna stop you :smiley:

If i may iterject, i want to add this possible list of requirements:

  • The donation should be divided by “donation run”. Like if you go outside for an event, i want to know witch donation belong to witch run. The benefit that you can maybe have a mechanism to send some sollicitation automatically.

  • This module should be used in conjuction with analytic accountig and budget to track how donation are spent (In my usercase: is required by the state for certain type of donation). Just make easy to match a rule based on a “donation run” should be enogh.

  • This module should be integrated to the account_statement module (now you can add areference field to each statement line).

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