Domain not applied in Dashboard

as written here I installed the dashboard module, added the usage “dashboard” to the view “Payment Lines”, added it to the user “demo_de” on → Try It.
The dashboard is shown, but the domain seems not to be applied, since I see an unfiltered view on the payements. This differs quite a lot.

Its visible today in the demo database on Same behaviour with last docker 7.0.7 version.

Is this behaviour intended?
Regards Jakob

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On dashboard you add actions not view. But I do not see to which actions you are referring as there is no “Payment Lines” action.

Hi Cédric,
I was adding a window action instead of an Action itself.
However, when I add Actions with the usage dashboard, they are shown, but empty, without content.
Someone eles has the problem : Dashboard very basics - #4 by herrdeh
Even after restarting the the docker container, since there seems to be intensive cashing of the dashboard for the user, the dashboard windows did not fill with data.
I rebuild my testing environment, installed the dashboard module, and now achieved the result I was expecting, with the Action of module Projects.

But wait: I checked again on the demo database and configured it again with the action lines to pay (sorry I messed up the proper name) and added the action to the user Demo_de’s dashboard.

The Result is

What looks different to the window when acessed via the menu.

So long story short. I fixed my problem thanks to your help with the Action for Project.
But the same effect occurs on the demo database. You might check the demodatabase with login user demo_de and you should find the result.

Regards jakob

Actions for dashboard must be designed for dashboard.

So I can only speculate that this may be the reason why I cannot make dashboard work for me ( ).

But this leaves the question: How can I know, which action can be used with the dashboard? - I could not find a marker, flag or something in the actions’ list - and I could not find a list of suitable actions. Did I miss something?


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