Docker images build and push process info


I would like to know what is the process to build Tryton docker images.

I mean…

I guess those images are usually built and pushed every Sunday (just for the info extracted from and I would like to know what is the content uploaded to.

For example, we build our Tryton images based actually on tryton/tryton:5.4-office and it seems that this image still has not a changeset like this committed 10 days ago.

How can we know the content that will be pushed with docker images?


Is it true that Sunday is the day to regenerate the new Tryton docker images?

Thank you.

This change is still not released so it is not included on the docker image as it contains the latest sao release for the series.

The policy is to include the latest released version of the series.
We also include all the optional dependencies.
You can have a look at the DockerFile to see what is included and how it is installed.

Not sure about the day but docker images are rebuild every week by a cron job to pick the latest updates.

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