Do not find Credit action

Hi, I am using version 5.0 and I dont find the Creadit action in the action menu.

Here is a screenshot made on demo 5.0 which show where the action is:

I attach a screenshot

In spanish it is translated to “Abonar”

But “abonar” is synonymous with the word “pagar” (En Argentina cuando uno abona una factura está realizando el pago de la misma), I put in english and the action is Credit.
Thanks for replies. The problem was resolved.

I am left with a doubt when I make a credit note, should a negative debit be generated? But a credit of the same value was generated

Then how you will name “Credit” in Argentina?

The Spanish translations use the Spanish wording, but there is a derivative Spanish for Latin America which should containt the translations that are diferent from Spain.

It’s as Andres says, for us “Abonar” is a bit confusing, but you get used to it. We call it “Hacer un crédito”, “Anular”.
Also “Albarán” is a very strange word for us, we use “Remito”. At least this is not so confusing, it is just strange.
Probably we should modify some words at the Spanish Latam translation. What about the rest of Latinoamérica?

In Argentina, we use “nota de crédito” for a credit. I also had a hard time getting used to the word “Albarán”.

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