Display "Attention Name" in party addresses

I just noticed that the “_get_address_substitutions” function, is checking if the context have the “address_attention_party” key to display it in the address since issue7556, but if I’m not wrong it’s not getting filled anywhere so I suppose that maybe it was done to allow external modules to use it?

I don’t know at all what was the point of doing it, but anyway I think that would be fine to have a field in sales/purchases/shipments/… to allow to specify a contact to be displayed as “Attention Name” in the address.

I already found a nan-tic module sale_contact which is adding a contact to sales, do you think that would be interesting to have something similar in core for sales and other modules that also modify the party address if the field is filled?

For me, it is not sure that the contact of a sale is necessary the attention name for the invoice or shipment address.
Also address_attention_party should be a party not a contact.