Display a help in the records with visuals(colors)

Currently, there is that behavior with the colors in the records to indicate an error, a warning and more.
[‘muted’, ‘success’, ‘warning’, ‘danger’]

I would like to know if there is the possibility of besides showing a color or another, putting a text as a help to the user, providing additional information on the reason why a record or a field has a certain color.
If that feature doesn’t exist, could be good to think about to implement something similar.

You could add an explanation for the color in the help text of the field.
Also you mimic such feature with a selection field, which shows a short explanation, depending on the option.

The color functionality of your screenshot is introduced like this:

    def view_attributes(cls):
        return super().view_attributes() + [
                'visual', If(Eval('receivable_today', 0) > 0, 'danger', '')),
                'visual', If(Eval('payable_today', 0) < 0, 'warning', '')),

How would you implement a help text for this?

Any develop should never rely on visual effect to provide information, there are just additional.
So if you need to display a text, you should have a column/field with the text.

Now it could be possible (but complex) to have the client to compute and display the expression of each visual condition. But I do not think it is a priority.

Okay, I’m agree that it’s not a priority. I will see other alternatives as the ones you have proposed to me. Thanks for the answers.