Discuss it's not sending mails when setup is mailing list

Hi everyone!

I have not received emails from discuss.tryton.org for about 20 days. Does anyone know what could have happened? I have my profile configured to receive in mailing list mode.

Thanks a lot!

This is strange because I just received an email about your post.
Probably it’s related to mailing list mode as I do not have it enabled.

We received too many bounces from your email address since the January the 31st so it was deactivated.
I reset the score so it will work again but ensure that your mail server is properly working.

Thanks @ced! Let me know if happens again and I would talk with our sysadmin at gcoop.

I will not because it is not possible to look at the system log for all bouncing email addresses. We have dozen of undelivered emails per day. This is managed automatically (and of course the system can not obviously send an email to notify the user when it is happening).
But the system send an notification: https://meta.discourse.org/t/notify-users-of-bouncing-email/88895