Difficulties entering bank statement origin lines

Since starting to use imported statements, where each statement line is one or more origin lines, we’re having difficulties using ‘payment’ or ‘payment group’ whereas ‘invoice’ selection works just fine.

Is there anything special to get this working correctly?
What happens is that we’re able to select the payment or payment group, but the line(s) is(are) not created correctly with neither the mandatory account nor the amount set regardless if single or multiple lines.
We’ve had to resort to manually adding the lines via invoices…


While I’m here, I’m curious as to why in the invoice selection window all invoices are presented, not sorted, and not only non-reconciled invoices but also [by default] all future invoices (posterior to the date of the statement entry).
This gives a lot of noise, not to mention the sizing of the invoices window only covers the first 5 fields (up to currency), necessitating enlargement of the window to be able to see the amount, and sorting by date in order to more easily find the invoice (potentially amongst dozens or even hundreds of invoices!)

Also, if an invoice is a credit note, initially the invoice selected has the correct account indicated, but when the amount is corrected to the credit amount, when saving (‘ok’) it is changed to a client invoice account!
Already the amount should be selected based upon the invoice selected…
At the same time, the invoice info is deleted and one must go back into the invoice screen and select the credit note again.

Finally, it seems that only one invoice can be selected at a time, this is excruciatingly painfull when, for example, I need to select 25 or 30 invoices for a bill of exchange at the moment.

please explain a bit what you is your configuration, and what you did. just saying “it doesn’t work” isn’t very helpful.

else, I could simply reply: “for me, it’s work”.


What happens is that we’re able to select the payment or payment group, but the line(s) is(are) not created correctly with neither the mandatory account nor the amount set regardless if single or multiple lines.

which fields in the Payment did you fill and which one did you leave blank ? Do you use payment-clearing ? what is the configuration of the clearing ? etc…

I have account payment clearing and payment sepa cfonb installed.
? I select the payment (or payment group) magnifying glass (loupe) in order to get into the selection window where I select the appropriate payment (or group).
It returns with the payment (or group) number as selected, but does not update the account which is mandatory, nor does it seem to create multiple lines when needed for groups (multiple parties, multiple invoices)

Some cases I use:

  • manual Payment

    • with a Payment Journal with manual method
    • with a Party
    • the Account (or Line) need to be filled, else no Move will be created
    • on the Statement, the Payment must be selected (and not the invoice), in order the Payment to be marked to Success (and the move created: between Payment Account and Bank Account)
  • GroupPayment (for sepa)

    • Journal has sepa method and a configured Clearing Account (in French I use an account from under 511) and Journal
    • on the Payment, the Account or Line must be filled (else no move will be created)
    • on the Statement, the PaymentGroup must be selected (not the Payment neither the Invoice)
    • Move will be created on Statement validation:
      • Move 1 : between Bank Account and Clearing Account
      • Move 2 (for each Payment in the group) : between Clearing Account and Payment Account

After a bit closer inspection, it appears that the reconciled invoices presented are those from 2018 having due date in 2019… These were reconciled in january and february, but still show up in the window with ‘amount to pay’ = 0
For example, the payment I’m working on right now has 25 invoices from 2018 for this supplier with 0 amount to pay showing up… all reconciled already.

With PaymentGroup, there is only one Line in the Statement. On Statement validation, the move created are:

  • between Bank and Clearing Account
  • and next, and for each Payment, between the Payment Account and the the Clearing Account

I’m working primarily with supplier payments so 511x is not pertinent and we’ve held of using clearing accounts for the time being, may use them with invoice grouping in 5.2+ if we can get there soon.

In manual statements (without imported origins) payments seem to work okay… I’ll have to check again for groups, not sure our accountant trusts them yet as the selection mechanism is extremely cryptic.

But again, in origin lines from statements, the accounts and amounts should be filled in directly in the line(s)
otherwise cannot come out of the origin line assistant… therefore before validation.

hmm, the doc and the interface imply that the clearing account is optional.
Being optional, the account should be set to that used in the payment (i.e. the invoiced account)

In practice, I believe that the only accounts useful for clearing supplier payments in France are 403x(or 405x) for accepted exchange bills(LCR/BOR) for payment.
Checks and bank transfers are directly to the bank account.
I’ve been needing to get manual (fictitious) payments without bank accounts as we don’t necessarily have one for suppliers working with bills of exchange (which is the majority of them). Then we can effectively use such a clearing account in a proper manner.

I believe that approach can be problematic.

Since account is mandatory, coupled with the fact that payments in the group can be to different accounts, there seems no current way around splitting the group into multiple payments right away.

Too, there is nothing wrong with having different dates for the payments in groups (we have this all the time as maturity dates can vary supplier by supplier), so care must be used - not necessarily all the payments in the group can/will be treated on the same statement date.

All this has been settle in Issue 6854: Merge invoice, payment and payment group in statement line - Tryton issue tracker and Issue 9145: selecting payment in statement origin doesn't respect account - Tryton issue tracker
So instead of reopening old thread, it would be better to propose patches for those issues.