Different behaviors of web client when clicking on tree rows

Since we are using the web application instead the desktop one we are having some problems with users because they are deleting registers without realizing it.
It is due to the different behaviour the client has when a user clicks in a middle of a row or on the left check of the tree:

For example, it happens in a sale with a lot of lines when users scroll to the bottom and click on the check to delete some line and they do not take into account that also the first row is selected due to the default cursor focus. It is happening also when they want to execute some actions and it’s something reported from different departments in different models.

On one hand, I thought that it can be solved with some training but on the other hand, I think that this behaviour can be nonintuitive and can derivate into big problems because they don’t realize what really happened till something goes wrong in a later process.

In my opinion the check in the tree is annoying because it provides 2 different, but too similar ways to have the same result and also it is no longer needed since you can select multiple lines with “control” and “shift” keys. Furthermore this would make the behavior the same in both clients.

Someone facing same problems? Thoughts?

This is the standard behavior of checkboxes.

Probably we should report the selection on the One2Many widget the same way as we do for the form by showing the number of selected.

You do not have keyboard on mobile device.

Yes, I have seen people struggle with this too.

Another scenario that seems to cause users problems is where the user opens the list, presses on one of the columns to resort the list, (and the default selected record vanishes below the bottom of the screen).

They then select one of the records using the checkbox and don’t realize there is another record selected much further down the list.

Then any actions they run (delete, etc) get done to both records.

Some users have requested that there is no record selected by default because they find this so frustrating.

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For the record if you select a line without clicking on the checkbox, the other lines are unselected.

Yes, I know, but it seems like a lot of users that I have seen tend to use the checkbox to select / unselect lines (at least initially) rather than clicking on the line.

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Here is Issue 11813: Display number of selected record in xxx2Many widgets - Tryton issue tracker which standardize the way we display selected records.

And here is Issue 11814: Do not select first record by default - Tryton issue tracker to not select the first record by default. This one should be deeply tested to ensure to not create odd behavior.