Different account_revenue for the same product

The Spanish chart of account defines some accounts for sales and other accounts for sale returns. This means that for the same product a different account can be used depending if there is a sale or a sale return.

For example, when selling a product we will use the 700 account but when a customer returns the same product the account 708 should be used.

Currently it is not possible to define this configuration on tryton (we only allow a single revenue account per product) but I think it will be possible to implement using a custom module.

Is there any other countries that have similar needs? How did you solved?

As far as I know, not in Belgium (and probably neither in France).
But I’m a little bit worry about your case because in the Belgium CoA, there is also a 708 account but it is for discount only.

Ineed we also have an account for discount for payment before the due date but this is a diferent topic

En Colombia también se usan cuentas diferentes para las ventas y para las devoluciones.