Desktop connection problem


How to debug a connection problem of the desktop part?

  • Nothing in the docker logs,
  • Nothing in the server logs (synology),
  • Nothing at the level of W10,
  • The W10 firewall is disabled,
  • The server firewall is disabled,

  • Where to look?

To be sure, what are the client’s parameters?

  • Host: Target as address: port of the serveur (in my case port 62020)
  • DB: the name of the DB entered at the installation (tryton)
  • User : One of the users created in the tryton instance on the server

Is it necessary to configure something on the server to allow a connection of a desktop?

Thank you for your help,

You can run the client with the -v option to have some logs in the console.

There is nothing special to configure if you can already connect with the web client.
But you have to use a client from the same series. Also if you activated SSL you must use a certificate signed by a known authority on the OS.
If you switched from an SSL connection to a clear text connection, you may need to edit the known_hosts file.

Thank you …

I used the command : C:\Program Files (x86)\Tryton-5.0>tryton -v
==> Start of W10 Client is OK
==> …but where is the log generated ? … nothing either under mmc



I am not very familiar with the use of Tryton under windows but there is a ‘logconf’ parameter which allows to configure the logging, all the doc here: Logging configuration — trytond 5.0 documentation