Description field removed from sale form?

We are in the process of upgrading from 4.6 to 5.0 and came across some small things. One of them is that we noticed that the description field / column is missing from the sale form. Is this done intentionally? When I now add a comment, I don’t see the text.

The description is still present on the sale & sale line form:


Sorry, I looked at the files and read my question again and have to say it’s not very clear :sob:
I meant on the sale-line-tree on the sale form. See
and when I look at
The description field is gone. I also digged a bit deeper and found modules/sale: bcdf75191f88
Although the field is not required, it’s still there and when used you don’t see anything (e.g. use “comment” as line type), just a line with amount and prices. So to me it make sense to put it back.

Text fields in list view are performance killer so we do not add them by default.
About the comment type, it is a very rare use case that does not deserve to kill performance by default.

Ok, I didn’t know that text-fields killed performance. Seems like we have to do some testing on that and decide if we using or custom module to add the description-field or create a function field of type char which truncates the description field for x characters.

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