Desarrollo Sobre Tryton

Greetings Friends,
What do I need to develop in Tryton?
What package at is required to start Tryton in the development of a module in a web environment?

The minimal is to have the server trytond and one client tryton or sao (or even proteus).
Plus you need a database, it is recommended to use PostgreSQL.
Then you can create your own module using your favorite text editor.

Hi CĂ©dric, Thanks for your reply. Trytond is a server, right? But does this also have the web client or is the web client an independent component? Sorry for the questions, I want to understand Tryton

Yes it is the application tier in three-tier architecture.

The web client is named sao. It is a static Javascript application that the server can serve via HTTP.

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Thanks for clearing my doubts CĂ©dric

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