Deploy tryton with Docker question

Hi @ced,

I just finished watching the Youtube from you about how to deploy tryton with docker.
Deploying Tryton with Docker by Cédric Krier

I am interesting about to deploy to client with only one folder and all module inside the folder.
At the video time 13:20 … I notice when creating “view” still reside to the root folder.

My question, it is possible to put the view into respective folder. Such as, you create forlder “party_custom”. I would like to put the view inside “party_custom/view/party_form.xml”.

Please advice

No because the server always loads the views from the view folder.

But it should be possible to read the xml from view/party_custom/party_form.xml if you set party_custom/party_form.xml in the view_name.

Not sure it is a good idea to put / in the view name because the path separator could be something else on other OS. It is probably better to prefix with _.

The same is used on report names.
So to make it work correctly we should probably manage the path separator on file_open.

I do not think.file_open expect to receive a path so it can not replace arbitrary char.
But ir.ui.view could do the same as by replacing / for os.sep.