Defining employee costs per category


When the number of employees grows it is complex to define a cost for each of them.
Normally the company creates a group of employees and defines a cost to all of them.

The group depends on the departement but may also depend on the place to work.


Add employee.salary_scale model to define groups of employees. This model should contain a name and active field.

On each employee add a Many2One to employee.salary_scale.

Extend timesheet_cost module to allow defining cost per employee.salary linked to a specific date. and compute the cost based on the category when there is no cost found for the employee.


I do not really buy this. Each employee has a specific contract and evolve differently in the company over time. Some have better wage increase than others.

It is common that the salary is determined by a position type (which is mapped to a category). If the employee salary (and cost) changes when he moves from a category to another.

I still do not buy it. So an employee at the same position (which is common, not everybody ends CEO) will have the same wage until his retirement?

Of course not, the category will have a cost which evolves in time. So when updating the costs of the category all related employees cost is directly updated.

Exactly the same as we do for employee costs but just creating a new cost for the category and not for all of the employees of such category.

Hum, this can happen but only on specific category of employee like worker or in public service when there is a salary scale.

For me it will be better named salary scale because category of employee are more for workers, managers etc.

We know now that using “empty” list as a “configuration” does not work well. If an employee is linked to a salary scale, his cost should always be taken from there.

Also this should be an optional module.

Ok, I just updated the naming.

Does it make sense to have a checkbox to use costs from salary scale?
Similar to what we have for accounting categories to use parent accounts or taxes

Why? As it related to cost we can just include everyting into employee_cost module.

I do not think as long as salary scale is only for salary (maybe named cost) and that the employee cost is hidden.

Because I think only a fraction of businesses need that. So it is better that the others have not this in the way.
But maybe the code could be factorized if written in employee_cost.

It may be a bit off-topic, but I like the idea of grouping employees by categories, I’m messing with frepple and the concept there is that each employee can have skills and the routing steps can have skills needed. When frepple does the plan, it computes based on the resources available (restricted by skills).

Maybe these groups could be also used for assigning skills (categories) to each employee, so for me each employee can have multiple categories. I’m wondering how the cost can be computed if there are multiple categories by employee.
I know this is discussion for another topic, but I think that affects this in order to have modularity.

Salary does not depend on only on skills.

IYAI we implemented employee profiles long time ago.

This seems the feature that we are requesting, but I see you also have payroll associated to the cost price. But as we do not have any payroll management for now we do plan to manage it.

I’ve filled Issue 11862: Add salary scale to employees - Tryton issue tracker which implements this