Default value of a field


Is there a way that the administrator can define a default value for certain fields for it’s users (without development)


No because it will break everything without proper testing.

You can take a look to our fork of default_value third party module. Our fork allows to define default values per user.

I’m curious to know why you need such feature to be done without development.
Creating a custom module to set the default values for the fields is an easy task

I do not see what it should be broken.
If the default value is from the proper type it should not cause any issue.

I guess you never supported random users setting default value on OpenERP?
There are soo much possible failure like bad default state, incoherent default values, none accessible value, etc.

For example to allow the administrator (who is not a developer) to define default payment terms (if the third party does not have one) or default advance payment term.

This is a typical case which can not be solved by a pseudo-generic default values tool because this can not enforce data integrity for Many2One values. (And more over it will badly fail to support multi-company.)
But on contrary this should be managed by a configuration model.

So for this question, but what is a configuration model ?

All the singleton Model that are used as “Configuration” entry.