Default validation email endpoint for web_user


I’m not sure if it is previous question but I need to have a validation email endpoint but not sure if tryton has a default for it. In docs one need to be configured

If not will be usefull to have one to add it to trytond.conf file. Maybe using routes like



Usually web_user is used to build a website. So the idea is that it is this website that expose the URLs to get a consistent user experience.
Could you explain how you are using web_user without a website?

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I have a website that manage all endpoints importants:

  1. Login
  2. Create user
  3. Reset password
  4. Change password
  5. Create password for token
  6. Register user

But to validate email in specific case, I wish could be managed by tryton.

When a user is register, vaidate_email() is called and a email is send to the user. I would like that the link was fully managed by tryton, maybe by a route, because is a common process that not need user actions (like reset password o login). After the link is visited only redirect to the main site.

But maybe I need to all the route in the website for a consistent user experience.

Thank for the point.