Default tax for manual encoding of move lines in accounting - clarification

I am trying to figure out how the tax handling around the account module is supposed to work and could use a hint or two to clarify the concept.

What I’ve found out is that if I manually encode the move lines then I also have to add corresponding tax lines into them, so that the amounts are correctly reported in the tax report. The following post did help me get behind the details: Standard booking - #8 by dave

Now I found that on an account I can configure default taxes, the help text indicates that those would be applied when manually encoding move lines. Think the related source code is here: modules/account/ · 7c8038af8ef811024851b568407b0af44be7be4b · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

I’ve tested this and added a default tax into an account. There is no observable change in behavior though when creating move lines in “Financial / Entries / Open Journal”.

On the other side this configuration does seem to influence the invoice part. I’ve observed that adding a new position into an invoice and selecting the account with the default tax does add the line into the taxes automatically.

Is this the intended behavior and I just misunderstood the help message?

Hello @johbo, welcome on board! It is good to have you here.

Is the journal you want to enter of type expense or revenue? The tax automation only works for this type of journals.

Oh yes, should have been more precise. I’ve tested this via “Financial / Entries / Open Journal” and then selected “Revenue” as the Journal.

Here is how I tested this in detail:

  • Using the module account-de-skr03 as chart of account.
  • Configured 8400 to have the regular VAT tax (“Umsatzsteuer Normal”, that’s 19%)
  • Configured 8410 to NOT have any default tax
  • Using “Financial / Entries / Open Journal”
  • Entering three lines:
    ** Account 8400 (revenue) has 100 on the debit side
    ** Account 1776 (vat) has the 19 on the debit side
    ** Account 1400 has the 119 on the credit side

Hope I did not mix up things in the details. The three lines should model what happens if I create a customer invoice.

If I create a customer invoice and add a line there without a product, just entering the account 8400 does also add the tax line. And using 8410 does not add the tax line. So I assume that the configuration is applied in the context of an invoice, and it seems to be not applied if I manually create the moves.

To be honest, I am really not sure if what I observe is the intended behavior. Might well be that the help text is just misleading me here.

The auto-filling of taxes on manual entry has been removed by Remove default_get from move line (#6613) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab
It is better to use invoices or move template to book such move.

The taxes on account are used by invoice when using account without product on a line.

Indeed the help text was not updated when the change happened.

Thanks a lot for the background! :+1: This clarifies it for me. :slight_smile:

Here is Update help of account taxes (!1217) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

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