Default_field (with random data) and batch save. Expected behaviour?

I have a get_default which generates random data (per design), it works ok when models are saved one by one.
If I create a bunch of instances of the model and save them all at once with I get the same default value for all of them. Is this the expected behavior?
I am guessing that the get_default is only called once for all the models instead of one time for each model. I can see how this can save time in some scenarios but it’s not what I expected.
I am working on 4.8 (not default)
In the following test test_default_save_all fails. That was an unexpected behavior for me.

class TestDefault(ModelSQL):
doc = u’Test’
name = u’test.default’
default = fields.Integer(u’Default’)

def default_default(cls):
    return random.randint(1L, 1024L)

class TestCase(ModuleTestCase):
doc = u’Test’
module = u’scratch’

def test_default_save_one_at_time(self):
    Test = Pool().get(u'test.default')
    test1 = Test()
    test2 = Test()
    tests =[])
    return self.assertFalse(test1.default == test2.default)

def test_default_save_all(self):
    Test = Pool().get(u'test.default')[Test(), Test()])
    tests =[])
    return self.assertFalse(first(tests).default == second(tests).default)

(note: there may be some code like first and second which seems estrange but does not affect the test, I write most of my code in hy and this is the python translation)

As a work around I ended up setting the default fields before calling save.

Yes it is. We should probably document it on:

Yes this is for performance reason (server and client side). But also when a new column is added we need to have a single value to use in the update query.

The best is probably to override ModelStorage.create method and fill the missing value like it is done in ir.session.

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