Decimal problem in version 7.0.7

Hello, I have a problem that I don’t really know how to solve.
This happened some time ago and I don’t remember which version but it’s happening to me now.

In theory I have the latest version 7.0.7 installed, but it gives me the error:

“The number of digits in the value “‘12.670’” for field “Total Cache” in “4” of “Purchase” exceeds the limit of “2”.”

This comes up when validating, in my case, a purchase delivery note.

If you can guide me I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Since Sepa payments rejected because of exagerated decimal values (#12587) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab trailing zero are considered as an error.
I guess you have some value that are stored with too much trailing zero before the update to 7.0. You should find them and remove the trailing zeros.

Well it shouldn’t because it is not an update. It is a new empty installation.

I only have one article that I am doing the appropriate tests with.

It must be something else. I will continue investigating the tables.

I have installed the new version 7.0.8 and I have already been able to install the “account_es” module.

But I still have the problem with decimals.
With a single item (€12.67 in my case) and making the first Purchase Invoice, I created the draft and when I passed it to the budget, the following error appears:
Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?

I answer myself.
The problem was in the Third > Accounting Tab > Vendor Tax Rule.
He had assigned a VAT tax in there and that was the problem. When you remove it, everything works correctly. The calculation makes it correct.

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