DB synchro suspect behavior


Sometimes after a lot of new dev, the system asks me for required fields when I try to save but these fields are filled and the only way I can solve the problem is to restore a dump of the version of the db before the new dev (“trytond-admin -d tradon --all” has no effect).
So my question is what can I do to force the synchro between code and db without restoring all the db ?
Is there certain table to drop or cache somewhere to delete ?
The problem is on db side cause each time I restore it works without changing code.


Some database schema changes must be handled by the developer like removing a required on a field.
So such case must be managed explicitly in __register__ method using TableHandler.

We always have the choice between managing the changes in register or directly updated the db ?
I don’t find any required column in ir_model_field, where is it managed ?

A required is transformed in the database schema as NOT NULL.

oh yes sure tks Cédric