DateTime field on list/tree view?

I am developing a module that works as a backend for ACRA, an Android crash reporter. It’d be nice to see the DateTime and be able to order the list of records on that field, as well as be able to filter by DateTime range.

My current approach is to convert the field into a string with a Function field. But that lacks couple of features: Sorting the column and getting the DateTime timezone awareness that the field has on the form view.

Is there a reason that the feature doesn’t exist other than no one has implemented it?

You can display datetime on a list but you must use two columns: one with widget=“date” and one with widget=“time”.
But since Issue 6918: Allow to edit reference field in editable list - Tryton issue tracker it is possible to have more than one renderer per column. So I think it should be possible to implement a proper DateTime cell.

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