Date format is wrong

I’m using the Debian package of Tryton v5.0.5-1

My system has a European locale


In the user interface, the dates appear in the US format, e.g. 05/31/2021 while I would expect to see the day before the month, e.g. 31/05/2021

The client uses the date format defined on the language of trytond.

Just to add to this answer, there is an en localization that has the date in the US format. This can be changed by going into the Administration -> Localization -> Languages.

If Tryton was translated into en_IE (which it isn’t at the moment) I’m pretty sure it would use the date format from that Localization rather than the one defined for en.

Indeed you can just create a new language named “European English” or whatever you want an use the en_IE code for it. This will allow to set a diferent value for the “Date” format (and also other formats) while keeping the translations for the en format.

With this setup you can set diferent languages on each party so each one gets it’s correct format.

This is how we manage the Spanish language for Europe and Latin America.

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I went into Administration -> Localization -> Languages -> English

I changed the date format to %d/%m/%Y

The Invoice document in LibreOffice now shows the date in the d/m/y format

The tryton-client GUI still shows incorrect (US) m/d/y dates

I exited the GUI and opened it again and it is still the same, m/d/y

Is there anything else I need to do to make the GUI show the correct date format?

I’m using the 5.0 packages on Debian buster.

Use a recent version before reporting issue.