Date format in SAO client is wrong

Hi there,

I have been using Tryton with the SAO front end for almost 4 years at my current employer. Today I updated SAO to the latest 6.0 branch release to address some long-standing minor issues that were fixed in releases made after the original installation. However this has caused the introduction of a new issue: In the client the date fields ignore locale settings and always show mm/dd/yyyy. In my locale the data format is supposed to be yyyy-mm-dd like ISO8601.

Both my laptop and the server are set to en-CA (which specifies yyyy-mm-dd) and I have also make sure Firefox is set to use my system locale and gone into Administration / Localization / Languages and changed the data format to %Y-%m-%d. Everything server-side generated remains yyyy-mm-dd from what I can tell but no matter what I do since I updated SAO to the latest 6.0 branch release the web client insists on showing all dates in mm/dd/yyyy!

The most likely thing I can find is this issue which was resolved by this changeset which is dated after the SAO release prior to today’s update on my server. I guess this was never an issue for me because yyyy-mm-dd is what we wanted all along!

What could be missing? Why is SAO insisting on using American date formatting?

The web client (like the desktop) is using the date format defined on the language that the Tryton user is using.

Oh OK I see where my confusion was…I changed the data format for English to conform to ISO8601 (%Y-%m-%d) and I assumed the language for my account was set to English already. Upon investigation I noticed the my Party record associated with the “current employee” had English set as the language, however in the preferences tab of the User record language was blank.

Curious why it was using US date format as default when I would’ve expected it to use the locale of either the server or the client running the web browser (not likely a Tryton issue, but something somewhere else not using the right %X date format?). However ensuring the Tryton User account has the language set will suffice at this point.

If there is no language on user, it fallback to the default language of trytond which is probably en_US.